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Retail Giant Zara Hit with Class Action Lawsuit Alleging Consumer Fraud

The popular Spanish clothing retailer Zara uses tags that show prices in euros, even here in the United States. In August 2016, a class action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles alleging that the company is deceiving and confusing customers with the tags because the euro price is a number significantly lower than the actual » Read More

EPA Investigating Health Risks Associated With Artificial Turf

The federal government is soon expected to release the results of the first comprehensive study of the health risks associated with “crumb rubber,” a synthetic material made from recycled tires that is used on many soccer fields and playground areas. Many experts are expecting that the study will acknowledge the long-suspected link between crumb rubber » Read More

Class Action Lawsuit for 2007-2012 Chrysler Dodge Ram Cummins Diesel Engines

Owners of 2007 to 2012 Chrysler Dodge Ram trucks with Cummins diesel engines may be entitled to damages in a current class action lawsuit. In 2001, the EPA announced changes to emissions standards. The new standards were to take effect no later than 2010. They required that nitrogen oxide (NOx) pollutants had to be recaptured » Read More