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Call Center Employees Wrongfully Deprived Wages

Employment Lawyers discuss Call Center Employees Wrongfully Deprived WagesCall center employees are often expected to boot up and log-in to their computer terminals, wait for connectivity issues to be resolved, and perform various other functions that are considered vital to their job duties.  The time it takes to create a secure connection, log in and out, startup software programs, and various other necessary steps is sometimes considered by the employer to be “off the clock” work that goes uncompensated despite the fact that such tasks can take significant time to perform. However, when employees are forced to perform job-related activities before or after their shifts without being compensated, such policies are likely in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act and state labor laws.

Whether they work at home or brick-and-mortar locations, call center workers have been victims of wage theft and abuse, a danger that has prompted the U.S. Department of Labor to issue a warning of illegal pay practices.  Unfortunately, employers nevertheless sometimes fail to pay call center workers for the time they spend:

  • Booting up computer systems;
  • logging into applications;
  • downloading work instructions;
  • attending team meetings before shifts;
  • waiting on hold with technical support;
  • shutting down applications and computers after ending shifts;
  • being pressured into not reporting all hours worked or working off-the-clock; and
  • reading work-related emails before and after shifts.

These “off the clock” tasks can account for a significant amount of time, sometimes several minutes each day, and can result in over 40 hours worked in a week for which employees must be paid overtime at time-and-a-half.

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