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Axler Goldich is Investigating Claims of Defective Ice Makers in Samsung Refrigerators

Axler Goldich LLC is investigating a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of consumers burdened by repair costs after purchasing Samsung refrigerators with defective ice makers.

Our attorneys are currently looking into claims that Samsung sold consumers refrigerators with defective ice makers. Online reports indicate that a number of ice makers in Samsung refrigerators have malfunctioned, resulting in financial burdens for consumers. Complaints include: failure to make ice, water leaks, erratic ice dispensing, misshapen ice cubes, error messages, and loud noise coming from ice maker. Compensable damages could include refrigerator repair costs and any costs to repair material damage resulting from ice maker malfunction, such as damage to floors caused by a water leak.

If you own a Samsung refrigerator and have experienced problems with the built-in ice maker, know that you may be entitled to compensation. Call 866-207-2920, or contact us online for a free case evaluation. The product liability attorneys at  Axler Goldich, LLC fight for consumer rights nationwide and holds manufacturers and distributors accountable for consumer fraud.