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Call Center Employees Wrongfully Deprived Wages

Call center employees are often expected to boot up and log-in to their computer terminals, wait for connectivity issues to be resolved, and perform various other functions that are considered vital to their job duties.  The time it takes to create a secure connection, log in and out, startup software programs, and various other necessary » Read More

Axler Goldich LLC Honored with Super Lawyers and Rising Stars Designations

The legal team at Axler Goldich LLC, a Philadelphia-based class action, mass tort, and personal injury law firm, is driven and dedicated to upholding the rights of clients nationwide. Attorneys at the firm have a record of taking on the largest companies in the world when they cause economic harm, environmental hazards, personal injury, or » Read More

Consumers Complain About Apple “Touch Disease”

There have been multiple reports of design defects inherent in Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus causing “touch disease,” resulting in permanent malfunction of the device. Touch disease occurs when the display bar at the top of Apple’s iPhone 6 or 6 Plus flickers and the touchscreen becomes slow to respond. Eventually the touchscreen freezes » Read More

HP Admits Updating Its Printers With Firmware That Rejects Generic Ink Cartridges

In a move to prevent owners of HP printers from using generic or non-HP ink cartridges, HP installed firmware into its printers that will disable them unless an HP-brand cartridge is in place. This new firmware is a form of digital rights management (“DRM”), which gives companies the ability to protect any copyrighted products. Previously, HP » Read More

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