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Employee Rights and Overtime

Advocating for Employees Nationwide

Every American employee has rights that are protected by both federal and state laws. These rights guarantee that workers are protected from the predatory practices of bad employers. Our employee rights lawyers represent employees in Philadelphia and Nationwide and have a successful track-record of securing compensation for employees under both federal and state employment law.

Employment Class Action Lawsuits

Axler Goldich is committed to the protection of workers from exploitation by employers.

We represent employees in a wide range of cases, including but not limited to:

  • Unpaid overtime claims
  • Minimum wage violations
  • Employee misclassification cases

Unpaid Overtime Claims and Minimum Wage Violations

At times, employers cut corners and minimize spending to ensure their survival and maximize profits. Maximizing efficiency and cost cutting are vital business measures but frugality that results in an employer’s elimination of fair wages and overtime due to its employees violates the law.

Most employees in the United States are entitled to receive minimum wage and overtime compensation, under either federal or state laws. Unfortunately, many employers, even large employers, try to cut costs by failing to pay employees for all the time they work, or by misclassifying workers as not entitled to the protections of laws that protect employees.

The Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and other federal and state laws require employers to follow specific guidelines when compensating their employees. Those who fail to compensate workers for overtime, or who fail to provide fair wages are in violation of the law and can be fined for their actions.

“Axler Goldich obtained a six-figure settlement in a wage and hour case, recovering 100% of the overtime due to employees plus liquidated damages.”

Gratuities and Service Charges

In Philadelphia, employees who rely on gratuities are protected under the Pennsylvania Minimum Wage Act of 1968 (PMWA) and the Gratuity Protection Bill (GPB). Under these laws, tips belong solely to the employee and deducting fees from tips is illegal. Employers who tamper with their employees’ gratuities can face severe fines.

Employee Misclassification

Your employee classification – whether you are exempt, non-exempt, or considered an independent contractor – affects what rights and benefits you are entitled to under the law. Employee misclassification is a serious problem. Whether employers intentionally or mistakenly misclassify employees, those employees may be entitled to back-wages and other benefits under the law. At Axler Goldich, our employment attorneys represent misclassified workers to get them the compensation and rights they deserve.

Are You Misclassified?

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Legal Options for Workers

Axler Goldich is committed to protecting the rights of American workers. If you have been uncompensated for time worked, have been paid less for doing equal work, or have had your benefits tampered with, you may be entitled to compensation. Our experienced and reliable team of employment rights lawyers is here to help.

Want to know if your rights have been violated? Call us at 866-207-2920, or complete our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our employment lawyers today. Our offices are conveniently located in Center City Philadelphia, allowing us to serve clients throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and across the nation.